Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Keajaiban Rezeki Trilogy

Written by an amazing humble young person Mr. Ippho Santosa, he’s a successful businessman and a great motivator, real example of words “from zero to hero” with Right Brain trade mark. He already wrote this best-seller Keajaiban Rezeki Book Series and several marketing books. I recommend everyone to read these…

In the series I was like being waken-up by facts that if we want to have a successful life in there are things that we must have (in short conclusion) : bless and pray from our parents and spouse, self strong trade mark, right brain, business in passion, shodaqah and ACTION. Right brain means understand the uncertainty, God’s will, giving, creativity, learning…which all can be done by exercise. He proves all billioner in the world has these characters.

I ever joined his seminar held last year which incredibly makes all about 500-600 people in the room felt motivated by his charisma and words. He told us that having our own business is better than just an ordinary employee…ooh so right! I believe if we do all steps in the books then no longer in time success is what we gain.

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