Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bakso Balungan

First of all, I know this bakso/meatball spot from a web offering discount voucher, and so I bought it because of my curiousity. My impression about Bakso Balungan is : taste really good but the suitability between voucher offering and real menu they served...mmm…not satisfying I must say….is it because I came there with a discount payment? I do not know… anyway, I ate Bakso Balungan Super and Es Durian. Take a look at the promo pict and reality picts…

For short review :
  • Place : they have many branches in Bandung, I chose a location near my neighborhood in Jalan Raya Barat Cimahi which I doubted they knew about the promo.
  • Service : obvious I didn’t adore it :(
  • Ambience : standard “kedai”, clean
  • Taste : love it, delicious bakso with real cow meat and broth, without seasoning so in every table they provide complete seasoning as salt, pepper, ketchup ans sauce. They even have a menu giant bakso weighted 250 gr.
  • Price : standard, the Bakso is ok but what I got there Es Durian priced 23K with almost no durian is way too expensive! (see the comparation picts above)

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