Friday, March 30, 2012

Harun Yahya Book Series

I bought the series in year 2007, packed in hardcover so it’s quiet expensive for me, I paid it month by month for a year. I have not finished reading all of them until now fyi…too many other books I want to read so I have to break the continuity reading the series in some time. I also felt the heaviness in reading them at first but then I realize I have ignored an abundance of beautiful knowledge that piled in the bookshelf for years. Actually you may read them by downloading the material in Harun Yahya website, he distributes all his research, his thoughts, his article for free, there are more than 300 topics of his works and I just have only 10 of them in printed version which was published by Dzikra and printed by Syaamil.

These 10 incredible Harun Yahya books, titles are :
  • Keruntuhan Teori Evolusi / The Evolution Deceit
    Kesempurnaan Penciptaan Atom / The Miracle In the Atom
    Kesempurnaan Seni Warna Ilahi / Allah’s Artistry in Colour
    Rahasia Kekebalan Tubuh / The Miracle of the Immune System
    Menjelajah Dunia Semut / The Miracle In the Ant
    Menjelajah Dunia Laba-laba / The Miracle In the Spider
    Penciptaan Alam Semesta / The Creation of the Universe
    Jejak Bangsa-Bangsa Terdahulu / Perished Nations
    Keajaiban Flora dan Fauna / The Signs in the Heaven and the Earth for Men of Understanding 1
    Manusia dan Alam Semesta / The Signs in the Heaven and the Earth for Men of Understanding 2 

Harun Yahya (combination of 2 Prophet’s name is a pen-name of Adnan Oktar) tries to put the truth of Islam Holy Bible : Al Qur’an among all of us, aware about the signs of Allah’s existence in the universe. He quoted and compared the Verses of Qur’an and prove the reality by showing series of scientific modern researches supporting what Qur’an said. He especially against Darwin’s Evolution Theory which deny the process of Allah’s creation. The results of nowadays research are  amazing. The comparation shows that Qur’an brings us nothing but the truth, power and  greatness of The Creator Allah SWT. Subhanallah…so epic…

I have read 2 of them, I chose “Perished Nations” as my first reading. Yup, my interest is Islamic History.

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