Saturday, February 18, 2012

Blog Crawling Part 2

Part 2? Where’s the Part 1? You may read it in my previous blog, of course :) Recently, I have surfed several interesting blogs which I think they’re some cool-funny-informative blogs written by some creative… Blogs a media for me to learn-read-write English to me :)
Random info: I also found a blog reviewing toilets! Ha..what a weird…I know I just could link them here but I’d like to point out a bit review about these blogs. Ok, let’s start the crawling…

Yoris Sebastian
People say he’s a creative expert..He has a company that runs in creative consulting field. His project portfolio is awesome…I wish I could as mindful as him. In the blog we can read his thoughts about what happened around him, hot news, his life, projects and so on. The best thing for me  is that his company has a program to hire a stay-at-home moms to join his certain projects as a freelance worker.

Beautiful Mess
Made by a gorgeous American young woman named Elsie Larson. She and her “BFF” Emma own Red Velvet Boutique (and OL shop too) that has so many simple but playful (IMHO) dresses collection. Her blog contains DIY (Do It Yourself) Tips like how to make your own accessories, sewing kind of fabrics, photography tips, decorating shoes, outfit, houseware, room and many more…even cooking recipes. She’s very much passionate with her life (and the way she earns money) and I understand that what makes people happy…doing what we love so it doesn’t feel like doing a job for living…Oh and one thing before I forget, the blog to me is a media to learn, read and understand American English :)

Chicken Strip
This blog now become my fave! As in the title the blog features comic strips starred by a chicken and his friends.   But this isn’t about the chicken or animal world, it’s about our funny daily life and most of the topic is talking IT stuff. Remind me when I was in college studying Computer Science (my undergraduate program, BTW) learning Operating System, Programming, Database, Computing Application, Network and many more. The creator works in IT field obviously and he keeps up-dating hot news around us through The Chicken in a hilarious way. Here I took 3 of his comics, make me laugh… :D

Ve Hanjono
He is known as a writer for books and movie scenarios. His blogs is just so simple and so damn crazy hilarious! Telling us how social media (facebook, twitter) and gadget have influence us so bad in the form jokes of reality…yupp…I bet you will smile reading his blog. But the poems are serious…need a deeper thought  to see the meaning ;)

The Alvianto
Owned by Mrs. Fifi Alvianto, a moslem clothing & web & graphic designer and a photographer also. We can enjoy her work on this site and Hijab Scarf blog. She produces photos captured her activitity, hijab style, baby/family and so on.

The Gastronomy Aficionado
I just found the site and suddenly feel lucky to read the writer’s postings, Mr. Rian Farisa. Happenly clicked it when I was Googling to get reviews before visiting a restaurants. He’s a food critics from high to middle class dining places. Seriously expensive enough to me :p … He knows proper thing with ingredients, how to cook, serve and decorate food. Not to forget mentioning the restaurant’s ambience..hey..he usually add a short conclusion at the bottom of review and it’s almost similar with my Short Review hehe…
He describes himself as (taken from his profile) : I am a seasoned, experienced, yet severe and unmerciful in food criticisms and restaurant reviews. Since gastronomy consists of complex aspects and yet that is where my passion lies, I decided to unravel how businessmen, hawkers and luxurious restaurants alike, serve their dishes for the patrons. Whether they only serve for the advantages in taste or only the surroundings or whether they really throw anything for the sake of customer’s satisfaction, I shall be solely the only one who can tell and in the name of this noble profession, justice shall be done! 

Once I promised to write about this blog and now I fulfill it. Well, she’s not as creative as persons above, she blogs to tell readers what she buys and wears from head to toe, where she travels and buys those fancy stuff, her opinion about a brand and some other lifestyle thing. Shopping to her is habit and profession, she’s become the queen of shopping. What a socialite (and not a climber I must say)! She publishes a book series about her shopping experiences, travels a lot with readers and friends (in expensive fancy way), and (this is important) earns money from stock exchange market…seriously.

She knows exactly world’s high quality fashion brands, Hermes-Gucci-LV-Channel-Blahnik…you name it… and she’ll know. But, she also supports Indonesian local (pricey) products. In my opinion, she’s a fashionably funny writer, independent but I catch her life style just out of common sense for most of women. 

I also enjoy following Photo Blogs, here are they :

Creamy Mommy
Made by an Indonesian housewife and mom lives in Kuwait. She photographs all her cooking, clothes she wore, activity with her kids in her eye-cathing photo blog. She and some partners had published Food Photography book…well, that explain how she made those wonderful pictures.  If you want to know her cooking recipes, find out in her other blog Yummy Corner.

The Animal Blog
Animal Blog features collection of animal pictures. I really love the site…

Almost the same with Animal Blog, they collect photos from around the world from amateur to professional photographer…beautiful….

OK, Happy Blogging !

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