Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Malaga - Spain

Works and stuffs make me busy and in a moment my blog writing activity stopped. But I will always try to post at least once in a month. Gosh, I have loooot of stories to tell. First let me show you photos from Malaga, a city in Andalucia, Spain. I went there in July before heading to Morocco. I stayed in this beautiful city for 2 days. From cool Holland to warm Spain, I was so grateful that finally I could see with my own eyes the land of Spain where hundred of years ago Islam reached its golden centuries. Altough it was not easy to find the hotel and exhaustedly tiring, I really enjoyed the rest of my time there. We were lucky there was a group of people doing a peace demo for Palestine to show to the world that they support Palestine. Me and husband with no doubt also sign their poster.

Malaga, as Cordoba and Granada also has a massive Islamic palace and fort called Alcazaba. I will write in separate article about this splendid place (for a magazine I hope). And there is also a roman amphitheater next to Alcazaba. Malaga was built by muslims with ruins of roman empire. Landmarks of Malaga include also a gorgeous long garden in the center of the city, the beach and shopping centre near a place where Picasso was born. From the top of Alcazaba you can see whole view of Alcazaba with bulls ring afar, Mediterannian Sea, roads and garden. I just love love the city. Spanish people are so friendly too.

Don’t ever skip to taste delish seafood Paella in Spain. It was the yummiest meal I have ever tasted so far during my travelling experiences :) I surely will come back…

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