Friday, April 11, 2014

Images of Gouda and Utrecht

Hoi iedereen.. (meaning hi everyone, my husband challenge me to write in Dutch language. Of course I will do that some other time haha…Ik moet nog Nederlanse taal leren. Ik ben blij dat Ik nu een beetje niewe taal kan lezen en praten) Ok, let’s continue our cities sightseeing in Holland. Now I just want to show you the city of Gouda and Utrecht. 

Gouda is popular with its cheese production. When I arrived in Gouda, I had lunch at halal fastfood resto Chicken Spot in Gouda Train Station then started walking direct to Gouda Central. But I smelled something, I suspected it was cow p*p (I didn’t see any cow but must be lot of cows here for producing cheese) haha… luckily when I entered the city center no more smells. It was Sunday and most of shops (in Holland) closed. Gouda central is similar with any other city in Holland : beautiful old buildings, bycicle, canals and doves. I also visited cheese museum which is still renovated and  bought a red-pasto cheese at a cheese store. Tasted gooodd…yummy…

Utrecht. A little surprise happened when I visited Utrecht. There were streets named with Indonesian islands and cities but along these streets I saw no Indonesian shop, only Turkish and Moroccan shops :) Well, at least many halal stores there. That day I was having a good lunch at a Turkish fastfood resto named Mevlana. So yumm… Since the street badges are interesting to me, I was busy with my phone capturing street badges with captions : Sumatrastraat, Bandoengstraat, Soendastraat, Soerabajastraat, Malukustraat and so on…happy!  And I also visited the one and only Domtoren and city centrum for sure, can not be missed while you are in Utrecht. I felt like I were in Hogwarts School. I like the garden so much… There are also canals in Centrum of Utrecht, but not like other city they put cafes/resto under beside the canals. Well, enjoy the photos, guys…

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