Thursday, April 4, 2013

11 Days Diary

Hellooo…few weeks passing-by since my last post *cleaning-up dust in my blog room… Hmm, anyway I took some days off from work started at 25 March – 02 April, so it means no work for 6 days or 11 days plus weekends…yaayy….  I should consider to change my job, seriously…haha…
For a quick updates here I make a daily activities blog-post which includes something very special happened in my life on unforgettable 30 March. Keep reading :)

Saturday, 23 March
Howm sweet howm…enjoying my howm with my parents and my cat, TV and internet, doing some home cleaning… Then something popped-out in my mind when I saw my digital piano, I have to sell this musical instrument. Why? Because I never play with it now. I joined piano course in 2009 for about a year (with 3 different teachers) but then never practiced my finger because I was drowning in my office job. So now I decided to sell it. It’s Yamaha DGX 620 a digital piano with many features. Interested? 

Sunday, 24 March
As usual, a morning walk with my mother then do some shopping at Pasar Baru Bandung. As usual, sooo crowded there…

Monday, 25 March
I looove Monday…because no work today but I had to go to Immigration Office to extend my passport and dentist monthly check-up. Between immigration and office I visited a mall and found this old book titled “Kaas” or cheese at Gramedia bookstore :)

Tuesday, 26 March
I went to tax office in the morning. They said I had a false report tax form and it had to be revised to a new one. Blah!

Wednesday, 27 March
Back to Immigration Office for pass-photo shoot, finger prints and interview. Still long qeueu…everyone is going abroad I guess nowadays :)

Thursday, 28 March
Dutch Language Class with Mrs. Neng at her house. And why do I learn Dutch? Why learning Dutch now? Hmm…you will find out soon why. Well, it has been about a month I study Dutch once in a week. And I tell you, Dutch is harder than English :p

Friday, 29 March
Someone is comiiing… He is coming with his dad today  for a special purpose. He came to Jakarta Indonesia on Monday, spent a day in Bogor on Wednesday then came to Bandung on Thursday. On Friday noon he finally came to my neigbourhood staying at the nearest hotel. Me and my dad then met them near Masjid after they finished Jumu’ah prayer for just about 10 minutes… :) I was very happy seeing my dad and his dad talked as if they were an old friends… Anyway, what purpose exactly was it? Already guess? Scroll down…

Saturday, 30 March
Finally the day comes. Day when a man asked my hand for marriage, asked me to be his future wife. My prince on a white horse… He is a Moroccan lives and works in Netherland (reason why I study Dutch recently, aha!).  He’s a Moslem, and somehow I feel so connected to him despite our very long distance, between Europe and Asia. After about 3 moths getting to know each other process, we agreed to set a date on 30 March as a Marriage Proposal Day. Alhamdulillah, everything went well and everyone was happy to see me and him. This family event also involved a Dutch entrepreteur as his father speaks ‘only’ Dutch, Spanish and Arabic. Details will be shared at up-coming post in Indonesian language, InshaAllah :)

After the proposal, he and his dad returned to hotel. So glad that at evening afterwards I had a dinner with him. He had only short time here. Too bad he didn’t have time to explore other side of Bandung, visiting Lembang, Tangkuban Parahu crater, Kawah Putih and Saung Angklung.

Sunday, 31 March
At 6.30 AM he had to leave Bandung to Jakarta by train. My parents and me picked him and his dad at hotel at 5 AM to Bandung Train Station. He stayed at a hotel near airport because on Monday he  took off back to Holland at around 6 PM. At the train station luckly we still had time for a cup of coffee and nice chats before saying goodbye.

 Mijn kat houdt van de mand :p

That day I felt a bad fever and bad headache that I had to rest on my bed all day long. It could be worse without your present in my heart, dear…

Monday, 01 April
Fever and headache was gone, cough and flu still left. Another resting for  my body day.

Tuesday, 02 April
My passport is done. Yeayy… And happy to hear my prince landed at Schiphol Airport Amsterdam save and sound. Today was also my last holiday...nooo… On Wednesday I had to back to work, leaving home at 4 AM to go to terminal bus to Bekasi. Sigh… I try to remember my wedding plan to keep me smiling there…cheers… 

 Present from you :)

 One heart in different continent, different sky, different time zone... InshaAllah...

Alhamdulilah, thank you so much Allah :)

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