Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kopitiam Oey @Braga

Brand new dining place on Braga Street, the owner is the one and only Mr. Bondan Winarno the Indonesian culinary expert. Kopitiam Oey (“oey” pronounced “wi” as in “winarno”) has several branches in Jakarta, on September Bandung Braga branch was launched. Oey specialized “peranakan” dishes, mixed of Chinese and Indonesian cuisines. The menu saparated into breakfast, lunch and dinner but the coffee served all the time. 

Traditional vehicle "Becak" in the middle of front space
 The menu, using classic Indonesian spell in newspaper style

Kopi Soesoe Indotjina, love this coffee...

 Nasi Briyani and Ijs Tjingtjau Djahe

 Sup Ikan Sabang

Short Review :
  • Location : the famous Jalan Braga Bandung
  • Ambience : old-fashioned Chinese style interior
  • Taste : In my opinion the taste of Oey dishes are fine and the coffee is excellent. Recommended. Must try all menu although the portion of the dishes are a bit smaller than average portion :)
  • Service : nice and friendly waiter
  • Price : quiet expensive but not too overpriced, you spent around 50K for food and drink.

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