Saturday, July 21, 2012

Megi's Picts Collection

Megi? Who’s Megi? Well, he is the most famous feline right on this blog :D … Yup, Megi the Grey-Haired-Cat living in my house. Megi is very close to me compared to other people here. He’s afraid of strangers a lot.  He spends most of his time by sleeping and bathing himself. 

 Anyway, in my one spare time I took lots of Megi’s picts just for a bit.  … And my English similar to Junior High kids or someone who’s in the middle of learning English for Beginner :D

Ok, based on picts order Megi’s activities basicly are sleeping, following/annoying me, sitting on the window, playing, eating, watching the bird (acting as Sylvester and the bird as Tweety), staying on my lap and sleeping again.

 Megi is just another one spoiled house cat....

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