Saturday, June 30, 2012

Muhammad - Lelaki Penggenggam Hujan

Finally finished reading the book! Such a heavy-thick book and this is only the first part. Read it was not easy but I put my spirit as it’s kind of my my genre, Islamic history in a novel. Published by Bentang group of Mizan, I trust the writer Tasaro GK and team had been doing a long research about Prophet Muhammad saw. then  wrote the book accurately with the love  to the kindest man of all time Prophet Muhammad saw.
Lelaki Penggenggam Hujan is not just about Prophet’s life line, Tasaro also wrote a character a Persian poet Kashva who tried to prove prophecies in holy books about the coming of The Leader that would bring the perfection of a way in people’s life. Prophecies mentioned him as Astvat-ereta in Zardust religion, Maitreya in Buddha, Malechha in Hindu, and even a Christian priest in Syria called him as Himada. Reading the book felt like having a long journey with Kashva in Persia and Tibet, imagining the beauty of nature, mountains and lakes. While in the other side I enjoyed the nature of Arab land when Tasaro wrote about Muhammad and early muslims struggling Islam. How lucky the muslims today to know how very hard Muhammad saw. established Islam. 

Would Kashva finally find and meet Prophet Muhammad saw.? To be continued in Para Pengeja Hujan the second book…

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