Sunday, May 27, 2012

Kopi Progo

Me and 3 friends had a lunch here, we ordered 4 different dishes and drinks : Pastas (penne and fettucini), Tom Yum Soup with rice and Ayam Rica, drinks are Machiato, Caramel Latte, Strawberry Juice and Lemon Tea. All was well but I didn’t take photos of our ordered food, only my choice of menu Carbonara Pasta and Machiato :)

Short Review :
  • Place : we tried the branch one on Jalan Sumatera, main spot of Kopi Progo originally located on Jalan Progo
  • Ambience : it’s a large terrace with sofas, comfy and nice
  • Service : good, no probs, waiter knows the menu detail well
  • Taste : great taste of various coffee and another beverages (they serve many kinds of Indonesian coffee), food are taste great too but the Tom Yum Soup was too sweet less hot spicy.
  • Price : standard

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