Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Seikyou Sushi

It’s sushi time! I order Seikyou Sushi for take-away after my working hour in one rainy twilight. When I came there only one guy was cooking and serving all customer, so I had to wait for a quite long time. That one and only friendly sushi maker apologized and promised it would’t happen again in the next time visit. Well, ok then…anyway,  it turned out to be a worth-to-wait-sushi as the taste was wonderful (and I was staaarving). I ordered some fusion sushi called Inari Roll (shrimp tempura roll & avocado topped with inari, but the shrimp was out of stock and replaced it with tuna) and Samuro (salmon skin, tempura flakes, crabstick, avocado). Both has crunchy element inside…yummy… I like them especially the Inari. They also serve various kinds of sashimi and fresh sushi, such as chirashizushi, edomeaezushi, makizushi, and uramaki.

 waiting to be fed by this guy...heheh...

Short Review :
  • Place : Located in Planet Dago Jalan Ir. H. Djuanda, the first floor now become some kind food court. Near Seikyou there’s also a ramen corner that looks tempting…
  • Ambience : Sushi bar with about 8 chairs and you may sit everywhere around the food court too, clean, comfy lighting, loud-live music performance
  • Service : If only there were another sushi-maker not just one person on that day, perhaps the service would have been faster :)
  • Taste : Love the cruchy element, the sushi so melted and juicy too, wanna try another kind please…
  • Price : Standard

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