Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Umrah Preparation

Insya Allah on 22 February 2012 (means tomorrow) I will have a journey to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah. This is my first experience. I need to feel closer to Allah, I need spiritual booster and peace. How I feel that I have been so far from Allah, keep doing mistakes. I hope I become a better person time by time and in the future I could perform Hajj. Ameen.

I join the Travel Services Gema Raudhah for 9 days promo package umrah (2 days on plane) Economy class cost 1450 USD includes economy flight, hotel (4 person/room), meal, transportation during umrah, guidance, zamzam water exludes fee of passport, fiscal, airport tax, meningitis injection (from Health Dept.), muhrim letter (women only). Here list of documents must be prepared to join umrah journey :
  • Passport (must be 3 parts of name)
  • Close-up photo
  • Id card, family and marriage book
  • Birth certificate
To prepare the journey I have done a little research and this is a list of things inside my luggage and bag for 9 days journey (so basic so simple):
  • Proper muslimah wardrobe for daily activities, pajama, veil/shawl, praying cloth (and sajada)
  • Qur’an and praying book
  • Underwear, socks, manset, face mask (incase to avoid dust)
  • Towel and toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste)
  • Shoes, sandal (what’s in English? ;p), and plastic bag
  • Cosmetic bag contains : face cream/sunblock, lipbalm, body lotion, spray bottle, personal medicine and vitamin
  • In your handbag, don’t forget to bring your wallet, umbrella, bottle for zam zam water, sunglasses, camera and cellphone
I pray and pray hoping this spiritual journey will run smooth and safe, blessed and meaningful. Ameen ya Rabb… Insya Allah will return back to Indonesia on 1 March 2012, see you…

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  1. To prepare for umrah i suggest you to book cheap umrah packages before one month it cut down your expenses and provide a full family environment.